"Linda has updated her book with more stories of childhood mishaps and misdemeanours, all with the same rich observation and sharp humour."

In this fast paced, often hilarious memoir, Linda shares her childhood memories of growing up in rural Australia in the Fifties and Sixties. This tightly woven collection contains the warm and insightful reminiscences of a curious child fascinated by the world and its people, having a joyous passion for life, and an irrepressible thirst for answers. With fearless, self deprecating humour, Linda pares back the layers of family life and takes us on a rare journey of self discovery


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“’A Curious and Inelegant Childhood’ by Linda Brooks is an autobiography detailing her family, friends and schooling throughout her childhood. She describes life in a small Australian town and the adventures and misadventures of her childhood. She clearly remembers young years of her life. She tells of neighbourhood “wars” and her perception of her mother, father and brother in different times of her life. Adoration for her father melts off the pages . . . a delightful story that will entertain any reader.”

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'If we gather the threads from the snapshots of our childhood, we find the person we have become. We find ourselves.’

Linda Ruth Brooks