Chelsea Prentiss is in hot water again. She has won a prize that she doesn't want, in a competition that she didn't enter. A week in Surfer's Paradise on the set of a soap opera that she detests. Then, to make matters worse, the man Chelsea has to spend the week with is an arrogant stuffed shirt who reminds her of her shallow charming father.

Jack Devon always has a plan. That is how he manages to keep his well ordered life on an even keel. Life has shown him that his looks, status and easy charm give him the choice of any woman he wants. Life has not prepared Jack Devon for a woman like Chelsea Prentiss. Can he impress the one woman who seems immune to his charm?

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Who can resist a romance where the hero has to rescue the heroine? Even if the 'dragon' she needs rescuing from is a beautician's chair that has run amok. The path to true love doesn't run smoothly, and these two need all the help they can get! Between family mayhem, escaping possums, hospital dramas and a television script gone wrong, there is more than one obstacle to love.