(She can’t find me)
‘A children’s story for grownups’
Once in every lifetime, we should all see life through the eyes of a five year old child, hear their voice, sense the world through the unique perception of childhood. For to do this, is to perceive what they cannot know, protect them from what they cannot understand, so they don’t have to hide. We are all guardians; every one.


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Georgia hides under the bracken fern. Her mother hits her to make her good. The nice man down the road gives her lollies that make her sleepy.  Sometimes her brother, Jackson, hides her in his wardrobe.  Her best friend, Mittens the cat, listens to all her  secrets.
On her first day at school her special pencils are stolen. Afraid she will be in very big trouble, she runs away to the bracken fern that grows tall by the whispering creek, where the bower bird struts with his prize of blue buttons and the magpie feeds her babies. 
It is her safe place. She doesn’t know about real safe places and that these things shouldn’t be happening to her. When Miss Nelson, her teacher, finds her hiding place, Georgia is even more afraid, until she learns that it’s okay to tell.
There are other safe places and people who will protect her.
Things can get better.