flutter and tumble,
then crunch underfoot,
from trees that have shed
their summer ballroom clothes,
sitting serenely in their dainty petticoats
of vermillion, sienna, ochre and gamboge.
are ambiguous,
holding to verdant hues
that sit side by side with red,
orange, crimson, gold and aubergine
even the petite shrubs succumb to autumn;
soon the naked branches alone will reach elegantly.
Oh that we could die so beautifully,
to live again when spring whispers warmly.

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‘Leaves’ is one of over 30 poems in Linda’s latest book, ‘A Winding Road’. With her usual fearless honesty, Linda approaches the presence of God through the light and darkness of life. Both lost and found, she chronicles the path from her first confronting days of nursing at eighteen, to the present. With the courage of vulnerability, in her latest collection of poetry, Linda invites us to walk a mile in her shoes – that very human journey of life and faith.
“I have fought in the trenches. I lost, and won. The losses often felt larger than the gains. Unlike my schooldays, in God’s schoolroom, I chafed at the lessons. Who was God? Who was I? Life’s answers aren’t outlined on page or in song, they are lived – in, and through.”